Huddle Rooms

A huddle room is a small, informal meeting space that provides a comfortable, secluded area for teams to meet.


​A typical Huddle Room is equipped with the following A/V Equipment. Listed here are some of the Brands and models we recommend. 



Enterprise-class pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras used in audiovisual, unified communications and videoconferencing marketplaces. Fixed point-of-view cameras with manual pan and tilt camera positioning for simple, yet precise control.



Next-generation echo-canceling ceiling microphone pod providing a 360-degree pickup pattern or Echo canceling table microphone providing a 360-degree pickup pattern.



Bose FreeSpace DS-16F speaker kit from Vaddio offers high-performance, flush-mount speakers optimized for voice reproduction. Or select the EasyTALK Sound Bar which offers high-fidelity voice support of far-end audio for any conference application.

Recommendations for Audio Visual Bend

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- ​Rick H.

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- ​Carolyn E.