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Creating Visual Experiences Through Sightlines – Part 1 – The Need for Collaboration

August 31st, 2016

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In a recent article in Church Designer Magazine, author and design leader Chuck Hultstrand, provides an excellent overview of the key elements required to create visual experiences through the use of integrated sightlines.  With this article as our inspiration, we will use his writings as a launch pad for a series of upcoming blogs. Read more »

Project Highlight – Worthy Brewing’s Hopservatory

August 18th, 2016



Look up there!   In the air! Do you see it?  It looks like a brewery.  No, wait.  It looks like an observatory?

What is it?!?!  It’s a Hopservatory!

Did you read about it in our local Bend Bulletin? Check it out. Read more »

Image Colors Matter – Choose an Inorganic LCD Projector

August 5th, 2016
Image by Hydroflask Today

Image by Hydroflask Today

In a side by side comparison of color display, the Inorganic LCD Projector was far superior to a single chip DLP projector.  This is most noticeable for customers who are creating marketing materials for display use.  Just imagine spending hours on creating a new brand with a variety of colors, handpicked by you and your boss.  Read more »