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Creating a Unique Customer Experience with Digital Signage

November 5th, 2015


The best way to describe “digital signage” is the use of a digital display to inform or persuade your audience, and in order to communicate with people in this present day, you have to demand their attention.


The digital signage software company, Visix, has a fantastic FAQ page regarding digital signage. They state that watching TV and using computers has trained us to look at screens for information, so digital signage is a natural choice for reaching large audiences. It’s also better than email, printed posters, and bulletin boards because:

You can deliver breaking news in real-time
Screens are bright and show motion
You can have multiple things on a screen at once
You can change what’s on the screen throughout the day
It’s cheaper than print for big audiences
It’s better than print for green reasons


As Paul Christilaw with Omnivex shares in the September 2015 issue of The Commercial Integrator (p. 20), digital signage is now also becoming interactive with the ability create a unique customer experience and allow businesses to both communicate with people and gather data or feedback about their experiences. Exciting!

One response to “Creating a Unique Customer Experience with Digital Signage”

  1. Annie Craven writes:

    It’s crazy to think how often we look at screens, training our brains to look for them. This is the wave of the future and the amazing visual images we can show people. It’s all about the interaction and how easy it can be. Thanks for sharing.

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