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HDMI Problems!

January 27th, 2016

HDMI_CoverWe are pleased to share and promote Corporate Tech Decision’s free download of “The Challenges of Interfacing HDMI in the World of Professional AV.”  At first glance, using HDMI as a professional AV display interface would appear to be ill-advised, as its copy protection overlay was never designed with multi-point video and audio signal distribution in mind. Yet, these are different times: the world of consumer electronics drives most of the new product innovation and demand for the pro AV channel, so customers routinely expect to use HDMI-equipped products in commercial installations and applications. HDMI can create major problems when switched among multiple displays, particularly if the displays have different native pixel resolutions. Several approaches have been engineered to overcome these issues while preserving the essential characteristics of HDMI – secure copy protection and automatic display clock detection and optimization – and allow it to be ported reliably to more than one monitor, TV or projector. Please follow the link to read the full publication.



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Tony, the AV Guy

Tony, the AV Guy




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