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Projector Companies Come and Go… but we are always here – [Post by Tony Sprando, AV Design Specialist]

February 24th, 2015

Expert is ready to help herMy first projector was a Nec Data/Video projector – it came in a large box and weighed a ton. I remember how cool I thought it was, I was working for an event and staging company and they purchased one for my territory.

It was the first model out which actually had a computer connection right on the unit. Soon after that, several manufacturers started competing in the same market (Sanyo, Panasonic, Jvc, Sony, Epson, Canon, Mitsubishi, etc…)

It’s been 20 years and now some of these companies have left the market or sold out to the competition. It’s sad to see such strong players move on but like anything hi-tech that can be made cheaper by someone else or market saturation it is inevitable.

But not all is lost!

The AVPres Sales Team is here to help you with any tech transition and we hope that our assistance will help you find alternate machines! Feel free to contact us at 541-388-1732 for any assistance.



Tony Sprando