New Avocor Interactive Touch Screen for Visitor Center

May 11th, 2017

The Lava Land Visitor Center needed an interactive display screen.  So, we recently installed Avocor’s 65” Ultra HD 4K interactive touch screen. And then, we followed up with a customer satisfaction interview with Cristina Peterson, Lead Ranger with Newberry National Volcanic Monument.

As one of the most popular stops for Central Oregon locals and tourists alike, Cristina shared that the Avocor interactive touch screen has several features that made it the front runner solution for their needs, especially in the Visitor Center.

First, she says, “I think the biggest [impact] is having a ‘one stop shop’ where there is one place to list all the activities. This puts it all together in one place.  It’s a much more user friendly format than the website, so it is much more convenient for our guests to use.”

Additionally, the Center’s plan is to soon offer interpretive films.  Therefore, they needed a high-resolution screen that would look good for films too.  “This new screen is great in any lighting.  The audio is working well… And the size – it’s in the theater room with a decent size screen to handle up 60 people in the room…All of it is functioning great so far,” she confirmed.
Finally, while guests are primarily using the touchscreen app for now, future plans include connecting a laptop to offer presentations.  When asked about the most important features, Cristina stated, “It came down to being ‘future ready.’ The Avocor is 4000 pixels and could handle future upgrades with either apps or films.”


See the Before and After Photos

From non-interactive SD projection system (Before)

to 4k Interactive Touch Display (After) at Lava Lands Visitors Center


Project Summary Scope

Tony says, “This room was using 12-year old technology. A projector and screen, utilizing DVD playback, was the primary content player.  As of April 2017, this room now has a 65” Touch Screen and four distributed surround sound speakers.  The old system was displaying a 420 TV Line image. Now they sport a 4,000 line Image quality and integrated “inGlass” touch technology for Kiosk and local HDMI presentations for guest speakers. I am proud to welcome The Deschutes National Forest Service to a whole new world of clarity and interactivity with their content.”


Spec Details on the Avocor 65” Ultra HD 4k Interactive Touch Screen

This screen includes a built-in intel quad core processor running Windows 10 operating system.  This allows you to access, manage and create content, use familiar software packages, browse the Internet and gain access to the Windows store, all in a safe and familiar environment.

Avocor VTF series incorporates revolutionary InGlass touch technology that can precisely recognize the size of the object touching it.  And it can easily differentiate between a pen, finger, eraser, or palm.

The durable, sleek, professional design offers an ultra low profile that is not affected by dirt and dust.  There are also feature and control keys on the front of the screen and a full range of connectivity options including room control.

For the first time, enjoy a true tablet-like experience on a large touch screen with price and performance optimized for education and business alike.

Read more details on the Avocor Datasheet.


Your Next Visit to Lava Lands

The Forest Service website states, “Visit our state of the art interpretive exhibit on area geologic and cultural history…” Truly, with the addition of their new interactive touch screen, you will experience state of the art technology that rivals the hands-on activities younger visitors will also enjoy!

Enjoying the perks of working in Oregon!

Tony, the AV Guy

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