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Use Video Conferencing to Keep Your Company Connected

January 14th, 2016



How we communicate in the business world is changing. Businesses increasingly have more remote workers. Whether working remote full-time, part-time or just traveling for business, these workers rely heavily on their own mobile devices to stay connected to their teams, as well as to participate in meetings. Now more than ever, remote workers want (and expect) face-to-face interaction—and they want a seat at the meeting. There’s a strong demand for a video conferencing solution that can provide a simple and instant connected experience from the office to the home and on the go.

For companies that prefer not to invest in infrastructure, cloud-based video conferencing solutions make cost-effective and scalable meetings possible. There are tremendous benefits to companies when deploying video conferencing in conjunction with a cloud-based service. Starting or moving your company’s video conferencing solution to the cloud is quick and easy, with minimal investments of time and money.

The following lists cloud-based video conferencing benefits: Read more »