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Nornal Business Hour Rates: 
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm by Appointment Only
On-site using our equipment $250.00 (min) first hour, $150 per hour after that
Adding additional Participants $150.00 per location

On-site using your equipment (Laptop/TV/Camera) $150 (min) first hour, $100 per hour after that

Off-site using our equipment $250.00 (min) first hour, $150 per hour after that for the service, 
plus the equipment rental and delivery fee.

After Hour Rate: Additional $50 for every hour of conferencing. 

Our Services inclue the ability to:
connect from any H.323 device (i.e. Polycom, LifeSize, Radvision, Tandberg/CISCO, etc.
connect from an iPhone, iPad,Andriod, Mondopad, etc.
Phone dial-in: to join over audio only

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Best Practices:

Be sure to check your audio and video settings before calls.  
It’s best to mute your microphone when not actively speaking. 
Alternatively your meeting room can be configured so that all participants enter muted by default.

Best Technical Practices.
Log off any VPN or Remote Server Connections

  • Wired Internet / network connections are preferable over wireless connections due to their lower latency and
    higher throughput
  • Plug your webcam (ideally a 2 mega pixel webcam like the Logitech C910 /920) into a high speed USB port
    directly on your PC or computer. Do not plug it into a docking station or USB hub.
  • Plug any USB speakerphone like the Jabra 410 or Chat 50 directly into your notebook and not into the docking
    station or USB hub.
  • Close any other video or webcam application as they may keep your webcam from be-ing made available to
    the SCOPIA client.