Audio Visual Services

We here at Audio Visual Bend offer a wide range of av services, whether it be commercial av systems, church audio and video, classroom audio visual, meeting av systems, or for non-profit av needs.

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AV Design

 Audio and Visual Design

We will take the time to get to know your business so that we can present a comprehensive Audio Visual solution to solve presentation an av installation challenges. The bottom-line is your bottom-line. Around here, it really is all about you.



Delivery and Installation

We go where you are!  We take pride in our ability to not only design audio video systems that works for you, but also deliver and install it on site both locally and state wide. 541-388-1732


Clean Installations

We believe strongly in the power of presentation - first yours, then ours. Your ability to communicate effectively is greatly enhanced by our technology, and your trust in our technology is greatly enhanced by our clean installations. With the complexity of today's presentation technology, our goal is to simplify all of your gear's inter-connectivity to create a clean, comprehensive, and safe av installation that gives you a reliable experience every time.

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AV Services

Service Contracts

Not only do we design, deliver, and install a audio visual system for your needs, but we will also continue to work with you after the job is done.  Whether or it is a simple overhead projector lamp replacement, sound system tweaking, or adjusting existing technology already in place, we work with you in helping maintain your equipment.


Live Streaming and Video on Demand (VOD)

Our live streaming ability is both high quality and easy to use. The live servers capture the video and audio feed in real-time and digitize the video signal. Our Video On Demand function provides state-of-the-art translation of traditional audio and video media to a digital format, making your content available anytime, day or night.  We also provide streaming for iOS devices as well, making a truly portable solution.