Soundproofing & Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Almost 75% of restaurant customers say that they will not eat in a restaurant that they consider to be too loud. Noise has an effect on our level of comfort; at home, when we’re eating, when we’re working, even when we’re sleeping. Noise level can make a room comfortable when it’s adequate or unbearable when it’s boisterous. Sound is one of our key sensory receptors and we are extremely cognizant to this type of stimulus.

The good news is that enclosed spaces can be soundproofed and extraneous noise can be eliminated through the use of sound absorbing materials. Jackson's Corner in Bend, Oregon contracted Audio Visual Bend to put in acoustic ceiling panels. Acoustic ceiling panels made it possible to reduce echos and noise without aesthetically compromising the feel of the restaurant.

At Audio Visual Bend, we can help you transform any noisy space into an area with high-quality acoustics. Whether you’re hoping to get rid of an echo in your living room, or reduce noise in your company’s conference room, we’ve got the perfect soundproofing solution.

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What You Need to Know About Soundproofing A Room

Acoustic Panel

Noise is created by sound waves bouncing back and forth against hard surfaces. Rooms that require soundproofing need more mass in order to handle the amount of sound pressure, or amplitude, sound waves create in that space.

There are multiple types of soundproofing solutions, including acoustic panels, acoustic foam and isolation barriers. Each soundproofing technique will have a different effect on noise. It’s important to understand the principles of soundproofing so that you choose the correct technique for the type of noise reduction you are trying to achieve. Soundproofing processes include absorption and isolation.

Sound Absorption

Cotton Stack Acoustic Panels

Mass and sound are directly related; the more dense an object is, the more sound it will absorb. Sound absorption methods include techniques that use materials to soak up sound waves. Materials that are used to absorb sound are softer and can be placed on the outside of walls or ceilings. Acoustic panels and acoustic foam are effective sound absorption methods.

Panels and acoustic foam reduce noise in enclosed spaces. They accomplish this by decreasing echoes, reverberation time, and reflected sound. Acoustic panels and foam provide additional necessary mass in order to achieve echo elimination and reverberation.

You might hear acoustic panels referred to as soundproofing panels, acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling tiles, sound absorbing panels, acoustic tiles, sound panels or acoustic sound panels. Acoustic foam is also called soundproof foam and acoustic foam panels.

Do You Need Acoustic Panels?

Acoustic Panels

Areas that might benefit from sound absorption include gymnasiums, music studios, recording rooms, cinemas and theaters, living rooms with vaulted ceilings, classrooms, factories and warehouses, auto garages, mechanic shops, and hair salons. It’s even common to put acoustic panels in laundry rooms because of their noisy appliances.

Acoustic wall panels were placed in Summit High School's new computer lab. The computer lab was an acoustic nightmare; a square room with concrete floors. Echos in the computer were greatly reduced by the acoustic panels placed alongside the walls.

If a space in your residence or business is extremely noisy, your room might benefit from acoustic ceiling tiles. If you’re considering soundproofing an area, call us at 541.388.1732 or Email Us for a free acoustic treatment quote.

What Soundproofing Products Does Audio Visual Bend Offer?

  • Echo-E Acoustic Panels
  • Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
  • Noise Control dbA Panels
  • Sound Absorbing Curtains
  • Duracoustics
  • Soundproof Drywall

The Echo-E

The Echo-E

The Echo-E Acoustic Panels are made out of our Bonded Acoustical Cotton (B.A.C.). The Most Cost Effective Acoustical Absorbing Material On The Market. Echo-E is a high-performance acoustical material made from recycled cotton. These cotton fabric panels are ideal for noise control applications. Echo-E can be used as an acoustic wall panel or hanging baffle.
Common applications of these cotton fabric panels are school gyms, classrooms, lunch rooms and any application where a high-performance noise control product is needed. Echo-E cotton fabric panels are eligible for LEEDTM credits.

  • Recycled Cotton (Green Acoustical Material)
  • Class A – Non-Flammable (Per ASTM E-84)
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Install
  • Low Cost
  • High Light Reflectance
  • Acoustical Absorption
  • Relocatable (with Grommets)

Is your business or home suffering from echo overload? Call us today at 541 388-1732 or Email Us and set up an appointment for acoustic panel installation!



Acousti-Cellulose panels are an industry first cellulose-based material. Consisting of 65-75% recycled content, Acousti-Cellulose cellulose products represent a very green solution for acoustical materials. This cellulose soundproofing insulation is an innovative, yet sustainable alternative to traditional fiberglass and synthetic acoustical and thermal panels, and are true performers in a variety of different applications.

  • Cost-effective Class
  • Cellulose-Based Acoustical & Thermal Panels
  • Controls & Deadens Sound
  • Reduces Airborne Sound Transmission
  • Blocks Outdoor Noise
  • Easy to Handle & Install – No Special Equipment Required
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Made From Renewable & Recycled Fibers that Resist Mold Growth


Applications: Industrial, Food Service, Pools


Our unique Acousti-Metal Ceiling Tiles are state-of-the-art micro-perforated aluminum sound absorber panels that reduce echo and sound reflections.

These metal ceiling panels have an elegantly-smooth appearance, with an excellent NRC Rating of 0.80. Resembling smooth silk fabric, these affordable tegular or flat tiles install easily into any standard 15/16” ceiling grid.

  • Tegular or flat lay-in ceilings
  • Anodized & custom printing available
  • Cost-effective
  • Installs into standard 15/16” grid
  • Also available as custom wall panels
  • Excellent NRC Rating – 0.80 NRC (per ASTM C423) with a 4” airspace, no liner needed
  • Resembles smooth fabric surface in appearance
  • Micro-Perforated Acoustical Ceiling & Wall Panels

Fab-Wrap Acoustics

Fab-Wrap Acoustics

Material: 6 lb. density glass fiber with woven fabric and micro-perforated vinyl facings. Pattern:Flat-faced with square or radiused corners, beveled, radiused or mitered edges. Features: Custom designed and manufactured to meet every need. Soft or hard edges.

Applications: These decorative sound absorbing panels are great for offices, schools, meeting rooms, music rooms, hotels, auditoriums, recording studios, broadcasting studios. These acoustic wall panels are perfect for any space where good speech privacy or speech intelligibility is important.

Thickness: 1", 1-1/8", 2", 2-1/8"
Size: Custom Up to 4' × 10'
Colors: Acoustical cloth comes in a wide range of standard colors and custom colors are available for woven fabrics and perforated vinyls. Flammability: ASTM E84, Class A. Flame Spread: 15; Smoke Developed: 40
Installation: Adhesive, Hook & Loop Fasteners, Mechanical Clips, Impaling Clips, magnetic clips.

  • Decorative Fabric Wrapped Custom Acoustical Wall Panels
  • High Performance
  • Architecturally Decorative
  • Custom Engineered & Manufactured
  • Reduced Noise & Reverberation
  • 100% Custom Colors and Sizes



Poly-Acoustics Wall & Ceiling Panels
Poly-Acoustics polyester tackable acoustical wall panels offer an acoustically absorbent panel that is non-allergenic, non-toxic, and contains no chemical irritants or formaldehyde. These decorative acoustic ceiling tiles can be printed with custom graphics to blend into any décor.

  • Formaldehyde Free
  • No Binding Agents
  • No Chemical Irritants
  • Architecturally Decorative
  • Tackable Surface
  • Impact Resistant
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • 60% Polyethylene Terephthalate – Recycled Content

Rigid Silencer Panels

Planks for Walls and Ceilings

Rigid Silencer Panels

Rigid Silencer Panels, acoustical sound panels are unique – made from Rigid Porous Acoustical Planks, these panels are Class A fire rated with STC and NRC values. Rigid Silencer Panels are great for gymnasiums, ice rinks, swimming pools, clean rooms, laboratories, food prep areas, firing ranges and anywhere else where noise control is important. The acoustical sound panels can be applied directly on wall and ceiling surfaces for attractive and effective sound control.

  • High performance – both STC & NRC ratings
  • Class A fire rated per ASTM E84
  • No fiberglass – non-fibrous
  • Indoor/outdoor usage / Water-resistant indoor
  • Non-abrasive surface
  • Tackable surface
  • Moisture, impact, bacteria & fungi-resistant
  • Lightweight & cleanable


Preconstruction product for floors, wall & ceilings. Treats vibration too.


Material:Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier
Pattern:Smooth Finish
Features: This acoustical barrier is made from high-density limp mass barrier material to reduce noise transmission. Applications: V-Barrier, Vinyl Barrier reduces noise transmission through ceilings, walls, floors, machinery enclosures, ductwork. Apply vinyl over suspended ceilings on studs or joists.
Thickness: 1/16" – 1/2 lb/sf; 1/8" – 1 lb/sf; 1/4" – 2 lb/sf mass loaded vinyl
Sizes: 54" Wide × 20', 30', or 60' Rolls – 2'×2', 2'×4' Sheets, Die Cutting Available
Colors: Black, Grey (Reinforced), Tan and Clear (Transparent or Translucent) - Aluminized Mylar / Foil can be added to one side Flammability: UL 94VO
Installation: Acoustical barrier material can be nailed, screwed, stapled or can be reinforced and grommeted and hung like a curtain.

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier
  • Reduces Sound Transmission
  • Contains Noise
  • Improves Communications
  • Improves Health & Safety
  • When noise and sound transmission needs to be effectively controlled, Mass Loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier is the soundproof vinyl solution to build noise barriers and soundproof walls.

Acousti-Mix Panels

Wood Fiber Cement Mix Panels / Cost-effective Class

Acousti-Mix Panels

Cementitious Wood-Fiber Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Panels Wood Wool is now a leader in the eco-friendly, high-performance, cost-effective acoustical-panel products category. Acousti-Mix Panels performs well by absorbing sound while thermally insulating; ecologically, acoustic wool is simple to produce; and panels are available in many size and color variations that can be designed to fit nearly any décor.

These eco-friendly cementitious wood-fiber panels not only liven up a room with design variety, but Acousti-Mix Panels panels also reduce echo and reverberation through sound absorption. Wood-fiber panels can transform the aesthetics and acoustics of any interior space.

  • High quality, Durable
  • Consistent finish & color
  • Consistent thickness (+/-.005?) & dimensions
  • Clean corners, Square panels
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Manufactured from 3 simple ingredients: wood fiber, cement, & water
  • Versatile – ceiling or wall mount as a surface finish
  • Paintable, An effective sound absorber

What Soundproofing Services Does Audio Visual Bend Provide?

The Echo-E
  • Room Measurement
  • Soundproofing Panel Design
  • Acoustic Wall Panel Layout
  • Installation

Soundproofing a room is an extensive process. First you must decide what type of sound absorbing material you’d like to use. If you use acoustic panels or acoustic foam, you must decide whether you want the materials to be placed on the wall or the ceiling. A professional soundproofing company can help you maximize sound absorption by suggesting the type and placement of sound absorbing panels within respective areas.

When you use our company to soundproof an area in your house or commercial building, we’ll provide full service that includes all components necessary to soundproof a room. You won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll measure the space that needs acoustic panels, we’ll help you choose the type of sound absorption material that you want to use, we’ll order it, install it, and evaluate the finished product. You can be assured you’ll be satisfied with the soundproofing services that we provide.

Use Audio Visual Bend for all of your soundproofing needs. We provide service that’s unbeatable at competitive prices. Call us at 541.388.1732 or Send Us an Email to receive a free, custom quote for sound absorbing panels.