Design Services

Our comprehensive 4-Step Design Process ensures that you get the design you want, within the budget you specify.

Our typical engineering and design request goes through these four stages.

  • Three coordinated meetings to determine requirements for low voltage and AV systems.
  • Develop narrative programming the functional role of the AV systems in the required spaces as well as budget.
  • Development of floor plan, show device locations.
  • Coordinate with/assist Electrical Engineer with detailing AV locations, power and low voltage conduit requirements.
  • Develop preliminary one-line diagrams and rack elevations.
  • The primary purpose is to define and describe all important aspects of the project so that all that remains is the formal documentation step of construction contract documents.
  • Technical aspects of materials and building systems, finalize space and function to a great degree, the primary achievement is to enable the Client to understand how the AV project will function as well as give more detail about what it will look like.
  • The period when all the issues left unresolved at the end of schematic design can be worked out, and at a scale that minimizes the possibility of major modifications during the construction documents phase. It is also the period in which the design itself achieves the refinement and coordination necessary for a really polished product
  • Tasks include giving a presentation of the proposed AV Solution(s), preliminary drawings, equipment layout, critical coordination clearance, mechanical and acoustical specifications and visual impacts
  • Development of detailed one-line diagrams for complete AV systems.
  • Development of construction details required for AV fixture structural mounting preparation.
  • Detail development for wall and floor panel/box layout.
  • Develop a complete specification and equipment schedule.
  • Meeting and conference participation with the general contractor, architect, owner’s representative and other team members.
  • Attend preliminary meetings with bidders as required.
  • Generate and respond to correspondence pertaining to the bids as required.
  • Review and analyze bid proposals as required.
  • Prepare a written analysis of bid proposals, including recommendations.
  • Review and approve shop drawings, materials, and equipment submissions for conformance with design intent and compliance with the construction documents.
  • Conduct site visits during the construction phase to inspect construction affecting acoustical environments.
  • Assist contractor/fabricator or other consultants in clarification of documents.
  • Provide periodic inspection of work in progress at vendors’ fabrication facility and at the site.
  • Answer all installer questions and issue directives to resolve on-site issues.
  • Supervise testing and balancing of the system.
  • Inspect the completed installation and create a punch list of deficiencies.
 Once we complete your design we'll deliver the following:
  • Full size CAD drawings
  • Equipment list
  • Where to buy gear
  • Recommended installers near you
  • Narrative on how the room will be used
  • Basic user manual
Everything starts with a professional design. Ready to get yours?