Audio Visual Installations

With more than 60 years combined experience in the audio video industry, we have the knowledge to give you exactly what you need with speed and efficiency. We specialize in customizing audio video equipment to your individual needs and constraints without sacrifice to quality.



Staying connected with clients can be difficult without the proper tools. Whether you're working long-distance, or communicating in person, multimedia support can make or break your connection. We have the experience and equipment to expand your reach and increase your effectiveness in your business endeavors. Our in-house design team will take your needs and design a av business system customized to fit your budget and space constraints.



We live in an age of video saturation, a time when moving images are not only beneficial, they're essential. Using traditional educational processes is not always effective anymore, and engaging with your students can prove difficult. With a lot of experience designing and installing AV classroom equipment, we at Audio Visual Bend are aware of the cultural shifts that have begun to demand different styles of education, fresh approaches to inspiring your students in an educational setting.

Home Theater

Luxury Home Theater

You have decided to trade a few nights out to stay in and enjoy your favorite movies. But you quickly realize your current set-up won’t replace the thrill of the theater. So, how about creating a home theater that provides a personalized theater-like experience? This can be as simple as a few new AV devices in your living room or as complex as a completely renovated and redesigned basement. With Audio Visual Portland as your guide, you can transform your space for the ultimate home theater experience.


digital-signage.jpgDigital Signage

Capture your customers' attention, get your message across, and make an impression. Your message can be tailored to a specific audience at particular time and displayed ​at almost any size – from a single screen to a complete wall.

AV Installation For Churches

Worship Centers

When it comes to communicating your message, the method of your message is often as important as what is being communicated. Without relevant delivery, your message can fall flat before it reaches the people who need it most. We understand the importance of quality audio and video presentation tools, and have the resources and know-how to design and install exactly what you need. Whether you need a large-scale av church sound (or visual) system, or just need to purchase a new projector lamp, we have solutions for you.


Huddle Rooms

A huddle room is a small, informal meeting space that provides a comfortable, secluded area for teams to meet.