Luxury Home Theater

Whether you're looking for a place to screen movies, watch sports, or simply check out whatever's on TV, we can design a setup that will work for you.


home-theater-seating.jpgHere are some aspects of a perfect home theater that we can help design:

Screen: Every space is unique, and we help design a theater to fit yours. Depending on the size, dimensions and amount of ambient light, we help you choose the screen that will offer the best possible picture quality.

Projector: The latest projector models offer a wide range of video capabilities, including the ability to view Blu-ray and streaming content. Full 1080p and 4K Ultra HD options are also available.

Surround Sound: Among the biggest advancements in home theater technology, immersive, “3D” audio has completely revolutionized the soundscape of private cinemas.

Customized Theater Seating: Style, comfort and function come together in customized theater seating.

Acoustic Treatments: Designing the perfect sound system is about more than just installing the best components.


Other ​residential installations we can design and install

Full Smart Home Systems

smart-home.jpgWould you like to make your home a little smarter? While still relatively new, the number of smart home products and devices is rapidly growing. We would love to help you determine which ones will be the best fit with your home and lifestyle.

Wireless Music Systems

landscape-speakers.jpgImagine all of your home entertainment devices connected so that wherever you are in your home, you can enjoy uninterrupted music and dialogue. Your music can follow you anywhere in the house whether you are getting ready for work or making dinner.

Multi-Room Audio/Video

multi-room.jpgDid you know we have AV equipment that will let you connect your cable or satellite box, Blu-ray player, and other entertainment sources in one room and send video out to a TV in another room. What would this look like in your home? How about enjoying TV in the fresh air on your porch? Or the ultimate man cave with two TVs in one room? Sound interesting? Call us. We’d love to brainstorm with you!

Media Management

Our team of professionals will not only design and build your AV system, we will provide support and service to help you manage your new system. We strive for excellent customer service, every time, now and for your future needs.

Lighting, Shade, and Climate Control

Whether you are building a new space or enhancing an existing room, we can offer you the convenience of one-touch lighting, shade and climate control. Create the perfect ambience for your family and guests; the possibilities are endless.

iPhone and iPad and Mac Integration

Would you like the flexibility of transferring your activities between your Apple devices? For example, you could be writing an email on your iPhone as you walk in the door, sit down to your Mac, and keep writing the same email. There is so much versatility when you have integrated your devices. And it’s easy for us to do!


We can also assist with your residential installation of:

  • Touchpanel Control
  • Hidden Installations
  • Remote Management
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Networks
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Landscape Speaker System
  • Acoustics

Contact us for more information about our services​.