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Projector Companies Come and Go… but we are always here – [Post by Tony Sprando, AV Design Specialist]

February 24th, 2015

Expert is ready to help herMy first projector was a Nec Data/Video projector – it came in a large box and weighed a ton. I remember how cool I thought it was, I was working for an event and staging company and they purchased one for my territory.

It was the first model out which actually had a computer connection right on the unit. Soon after that, several manufacturers started competing in the same market (Sanyo, Panasonic, Jvc, Sony, Epson, Canon, Mitsubishi, etc…)

It’s been 20 years and now some of these companies have left the market or sold out to the competition. It’s sad to see such strong players move on but like anything hi-tech that can be made cheaper by someone else or market saturation it is inevitable.

But not all is lost!

The AVPres Sales Team is here to help you with any tech transition and we hope that our assistance will help you find alternate machines! Feel free to contact us at 541-388-1732 for any assistance.



Tony Sprando



8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Conferencing

February 17th, 2015


Contemporary Communication

 In today’s globalized business environment, the need to build strong relationships is increasing. Here is our 8 reasons why we think your business needs video conferencing.
1.Speed:Accelerate the speed of business
2.Competitive Advantage:Who doesn’t want a leg up on the competition?
3.Wear and Tear: Achieving a better work/life balance just got easier
4.Scale:What you need, when you need it
5. Travel: Business that moves at the speed of light
6. Business Continuity:Don’t let Acts of God interfere with closing the deal
7. Mobility:Mobile…taking over the world
8. Supply Chain:1,000 miles away, 6 feet apart

If you need help in creating a video conference design just right for your business contact us now at 541-388-1732 or email us at (visit our contact page here)


The AVBend Team!

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Welcome Back!

February 12th, 2015



Hello! and Welcome to the New and Improved AVBend Blog!

We’ve been working hard during our hiatus creating an blog that will help meet your needs more accurately.



We are taking a new approach to blogging and adding one valuable blog post a week. These posts will be focused towards helping you and answering any questions you might have.

Speaking of questions… if you have any questions for us tweet us @AVBend and #askAVBEND and we will try and get right back to you with our answer.



If you would like to connect with us further we have added to our social sites and would love to hear from you!







Christine Sprando, Owner

Chrys -


Christine (also know as Chrys) is the superhero of our business handling the Finances and Office Management. Chrys coordinates the employees daily calendar & the Retail Side of the  company. When she isn’t working at AVBend, Chrys enjoys exercising and hanging out with her husband and three sons.







Tony Sprando, Commercial AV Designer



Tony is our Territory Account Manager for Oregon, WA and CA. His main passion is to initiate, manage, and complete complex audio video equipment installation projects in the hospitality industry, Church worship centers, high-end retail and restaurants,classrooms, training rooms, auditoriums and outside venues and more. When he isn’t on the job, Tony enjoys spending time with his lovely bride Chrys and his three sons.






Derik and Daniel Sprando

Derik and Daniel Sprando_800 pix


These two men have a grown up in the audio visual industry and have joined our family business.  Both have a wealth of understanding to offer and are currently responsible for rental events, website updating, and installation assistance for audio, video and acoustics.  Derik is currently studying to be a Certified Technology Specialist (CTS).







Phil Pierce, Oregon Newtek Tricaster Sales & Live Events Specialist



Longtime producer Phil Pierce started navigating the world of Newtek in the early 90’s with the purchase of the Amiga Video Toaster. Computer editing was very new and Newtek had that early edge with Story board/Timeline editing, LightWave 3D and even threw in (2) camera live switching while recording to hard drives, which propelled him to start using it for that purpose, Live Video!  TV talk shows, Instant replay, live multi-camera corporate events and Concerts became the norm with their systems and continue to this day with the latest Newtek TriCaster. It’s common to find Phil on a stage playing Bass guitar with his longtime band and he always finds time to lend his touch to a car, motorcycle or boat restoration.





Fred Sturtevant, AV Installer



Fred is a Senior Installer with over 30 years of experience. He plays a very important role and holds the title of RMI (Responsible Managing Individual) for our CCB, Commercial General Commercial license, Level 2. He exercises management and supervisory authority, as defined by the CCB board by rule and over the construction activities of the business.





John Cassisi, AV Technical Support
John Cassisi_250


John’s professional summary includes being a dedicated Team Member/Lead for Technical Installations ranging from Broadcast and Post Production Facilities to Data Centers, Theme Parks, Performing Arts Venues, Historic Sites, Defense/Military Installations, and High End Retail. He has a strong background in Audio/Video, Data/Fiber Optics and Control Systems from an Installation/Maintenance perspective. Additionally, he has over two decades of technical show and installation experience from setup and operation to system design. Finally, his specialty training is in Fiber Optics from Design/Installation to Broadcast and Pro A/V Applications.





Lauren Breslin, Social Media Coordinator


Meet Lauren Breslin, M.A., who is our recently contracted Social Media Coordinator. With a background in Human Resources, Leadership Development and Higher Education, Lauren is passionate about helping business owners and customers achieve their personal and professional goals. She shares that she is thrilled to promote and support AV Bend as a community resource for your audio visual goals. We are looking forward to handing her the reins for our online marketing efforts!




We look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you!

Yours Sincerely,

Christine Sprando and the AVBend Team!

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