Better well done than well said

June 1st, 2021

Photo By: Kate Couch with Canva

Written by: Tony Sprando and Kate Couch
“Never separate the life you live from the words you speak” – Paul Wellstone
We live in a he-said-she-said society. We interact through voice memos and quick videos focussing on what is said and not what is done. The art of holding to your word has seemed to have lost its value. But unlike a lot of change we’ve seen recently this is something that shouldn’t go. Sticking to your word and having a job well done better than an idea well said is a value I hope to see stick around in our society. When it comes to business, especially in the AV business, it’s important to be able to live up to the truth you speak.
We see it all the time in pop culture or even in our government. Politicians will make empty promises, celebrities will say they stand for one thing but their actions will do the opposite chasing a paycheck or cash out. It’s no secret we live in a fallen money-driven society. I know there’s not much we can do about that particular topic there is a lot we can do on our end about following through with our word. It is much better to be somebody that has validity behind their words. The old saying actions speak louder than words needs to make a comeback. it seems as though through years of media and mixing up truths and common goals we have put this idea about how our actions speak about us to bed.
Never separating the life you live from the words you speak can play into both professional and personal areas of our lives. In one very obvious way when we go out to give a bid we don’t like to make empty promises to people or go back on our word. I’m not going to tell a client that I can do something that’s not realistic or intentionally give them numbers that aren’t true. This is just good business. Nobody likes to be told one thing and then to have another done to them. There are ways that we unintentionally separate our actions from our words in business. This can be avoided when you’re talking with the client trying to understand their vision while making sure to also tell them realistic things about it. Making sure clients understand that AV workers are not miracle workers. Though you want to hear out their vision and solve their problems not everything is going to be possible, and not everything they want fits in their budget (like we talked about in last week’s article.)
It can be easy to want to make empty promises to clients unintentionally. You want to be able to give people what they want and sell the products that you want to sell. It’s important to remember the integrity of your business is in a direct parallel with the validity of your words. Making sure that you don’t just talk the talk but you can walk the walk. With the way that society treats the importance and value of your actions having a business that does what they say and has a good reputation because of its verbal integrity will make your business stand out compared to ones that don’t.
It’s also important to remember that your business and professional life is also a reflection of your personal life. It’s common knowledge to have some separation from your personal and professional life I know this is true it’s important to remember that when you’re treating co-workers or employees badly it’s easy to take that into your home and treat your children or spouse poorly as a result. This can go vice versa. This is why from a personal and professional standpoint it’s generally a good saying not to separate the life you live from the words you speak. Following through on your commitments, listening to what others say, and stop agreeing with people just to agree with people are all goals we should be making in 2021.
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