Does Your Tech Translate into Increased Revenue?

February 8th, 2017


Every IT and Office Manager should be asking themselves, “Does our technology translate into increased revenue?”  And although it’s a compelling question, the answer is even more important for the bottom line of a business.  I believe that it is more common than not that technology is purchased and implemented with an optimistic point of view rather than an objective one.  If you might fall in line with this way of thinking, I challenge you to change the way you think.


The #1 complaint I hear from businesses is that the audio and visual tech does not work! 

Here are the top three statements I have received as to why the AV tech does not work:

#3 “There was not a perceived value in hiring an audio-visual integrator so we did it all ourselves.”

#2 “There was a timeline push from someone higher up the food chain so it was rushed.”

#1  “The AV tech does not directly affect our revenue.”  And this must be measured by quantifiable results.  This is not a hopeful goal; it should be a purposeful directive.


This is how it should be said, “Does your tech directly translate into increased revenue?”

The following is a real-life testimony of a company choosing to use an audio-visual integrator for their digital signage solution.

We turned to Brightsign to create a digital menu board display to help it stand out in an area crowded by many other food vendors.

“Our investment in digital menu boards helped us to not only remain competitive, but it translated directly into increased revenue. The installation has more than paid for itself in just a matter of months,” said Patama Gur, Owner.

Now isn’t this the type of rewarding comment you want to hear from your upper management after implementing solid audio visual tech?  Sounds like job security to me. 😊


Using Digital Signage to Increase Revenue

Today, we are going to reveal local businesses who have used digital signage and we will explore using digital signage in your business.  These examples will show how using correct technology has directly increased their revenue.

The following list includes places in Central Oregon that you will see digital signage we have installed and also initially created the content.  This list includes Video Walls and Kiosk’s as well.

  • Riverhorse Hotel
  • Current Restaurant
  • Summit High School
  • Oxford Suites Hotel
  • Pacific Northwest Audiology
  • Wahoo Films
  • Swivel Conference
  • CRUX with Smart Solutions
  • Westside Church
  • Newport Market

For the Riverhorse, the installations increased the people flow of the attendees of the 30,000-sq. ft. facility giving them clear direction on which room to go to.  There is a direct relation to people feeling well-directed and wanting to stay longer to spend money on food and beverage.  Think about it. When you are flustered, you want to get the heck-out-of-there. You don’t want to linger for dinner and drinks.

Our Brightsign division can help you to generate revenue too. Our solutions cover many industries including Retail, Restaurants, Museums, Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, Transportation, Hospitality, Entertainment, Point-of-purchase, Art & Exhibition.

Make a dynamic presentation today!

Tony, the AV Guy

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