Offering Church Services? Seven Reasons to Plug into Projection

November 3rd, 2015

Hitachi Projectors - AV Equipment

Keeping in mind that needs differ between small and large church venues, here are seven reasons your church will benefit from using projectors:

  1. Display options are virtually endless.  Whether it’s hymnals, important psalms or sermon quotes, you will make your audience feel more connected.
  2. Projectors make a service more convenient. Project worship lyrics right to a screen; congregants can easily follow and sing along.
  3. Projectors are portable. All you need is a place to display images.  Take the projector wherever you need it.
  4. Projectors provide more information, including announcements, reminders, church news, etc.
  5. Projectors offer enhanced communication by adding visuals to your audible communication.
  6. Projectors are simple and very easy to use.
  7. Projectors can add sound if you don’t need a full-blown mixing console and audio system.

Original article by Lauren Campbell can be found on page 28 in the September 2015 issue of the Commercial Integrator.