Tony’s 2015 Project Highlights – Bend Parks and Recreation District

December 1st, 2015


Audio Visual Bend loves the Bend Parks and Recreation District! This is one of our long standing customers. They had been wanting to do an upgrade to high definition video for some time but could not take the leap all at once, so they did so in stages. The first step was to bring in a brighter projector as they found the natural sun light was competing with the projected image. They liked the room bright but they needed the projected image clear enough to be seen by the audience. We installed a high definition ultra-bright Hitachi and a series projector and subsequently, solved their problem. A year later, they indicated a desire to upgrade all of the cabling so that all of their presentations were up-to-date and using only the best in content delivery over High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI).

Additionally, two more speakers were added left and right of the screen (see photo). They shared with me that they watched training videos online and used video to present with as well, not just the standard and static PowerPoint slides. It was their request and I agreed with their strategy. I advised that they would want to hear the voice from the “talking head” on the screen to project from the screen not just overhead where the existing speakers were.
They also thought it was a good time to do digital all-around, so we upgraded the analog audio mixer to a full digital one. This gave them the ability to mix live council meetings from a local computer or smart phone. This was a nice touch to give them truly a well rounded up-to-date audio visual system, within their budget.
After finishing this job, simple comments like the following just makes everything awesome!
“How did the Board Meeting go?” asks Tony the AV guy.
“Everything went great! Thank you.” Vanessa DeMoe, Assistant to the Executive Director, Bend Parks and Recreation District.
It’s been several months now and as the old saying goes, “No news is good news.” But I still stop by periodically to check in. Thankfully, they are very happy with an audio visual system that runs seamlessly!



Tony, the AV guy

Tony, the AV Guy

Tony, the AV Guy